Creation of Landing Page

A landing page is a one-page website, a landing page that is created to activate a specific action of the site visitor (buy a product, order a service, call, subscribe to a newsletter, register). A landing page can be a specific site or part of a multi-page site.

Its goal is to convert site visitors into buyers.

Its difference is encouraging attention to a certain product, service, action. Motivation to action with time-limited promotions and discounts.

Distinguishing features are proactive calls to action and saturation with keywords – activators of key needs of the target audience.

Creation and development of landing pages for:

  • Sale of goods, services
  • Participation in the promotion, sale


  • specificity of advertising
  • easy navigation
    easy change of
  • advertising text
  • several landing pages
  • on one domain
    the convenience of collecting statistics
  • quick collection of visitor contacts


Google does not like landing pages, so they always lose in promotion. To attract visitors to the landing pages, they use Google advertising, social media. networks, etc.

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