Site support

  • Monitoring the stability of the website
  • Comprehensive site maintenance
  • Timely update
  • Availability monitoring
  • Learning to work with the site

Have problems, questions? We provide customer support online by phone, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Team Viewer, Zoom.

Choose a convenient method of communication and time. We are always near. We will help, teach, support.


створення інтернет магазину київ

For online training and site support, it is important for us to get voice communication and shared access to the monitor screens of our specialist and the client. To do this, we recommend downloading the Team Viewer remote access program.

You will be able to see the trainer’s screen and his actions on the site on your monitor, the trainer will be able to see your screen and correct your actions on the site.

Your personal manager, connecting remotely to your monitor, will quickly give advice and help solve problems. Website technical support and support in development ✓ Troubleshooting, assistance and advice in development.

We provide training and online support to our clients in different countries of the world.
Join in!

Creation of sites, training, support and promotion!

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