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What is a chatbot and what is it for?

Chatbot is a virtual assistant in public accounts of Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, which sends 24/7 auto-reply to users of the messenger according to a given scenario, makes automatic mailings, helps to place orders, pay bills and sends customer data. system.
Chatbots make it easier to do business. A significant part of the work can be transferred to them, leaving managers with non-standard and complex issues.

If you regularly receive the same questions about products, prices, lead times, delivery times, etc., trust the answers to a chatbot.
If you arrange events, conduct consultations, customers need to be reminded. This function can be entrusted to the chatbot.
With the help of a chatbot, it is convenient to conduct a survey and collect feedback, make mailings.
Through a chatbot, you can inform customers about new products, promotions, discounts and great deals.

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