создание сайта недорого

The main questions of creating a site

Price aspects when ordering the creation of a site, of course, must be under control and correspond to both market conditions and the volume of services provided. But this is not the only factor that should be under the control of the customer.


Why do we need a website? For example, to attract new customers

When do we need it? For example, we would like to attract customers through the site as quickly as possible, immediately after its creation.

Having answered these questions, the Client can ask the web studio to prepare a commercial proposal for creating a site and attracting visitors to it from the target audience of a particular region.


Creation of an image site with simple and intuitive navigation, focusing visitors on the benefits they will receive from cooperation. We revealed the features of the target audience of the site and the best methods of motivating them to make a deal. Plus, we would create a WOW effect! with the transition to desire I WANT! To do this, we would use both the rational component and the irrational (emotional) one. The adaptive design of the site will not create problems and inconvenience when viewing it on mobile devices and tablets.
2. Fast attraction of visitors to the site immediately after its creation is realized through the use of:

  • contextual advertising in Google
  • social media advertising

For contextual advertising, we develop and control the optimal promotion program that saves the customer money.
For advertising on social networks, at the first stage we create groups and pages of the company with links to the site, link the automatic news broadcast of the site to the social network and launch site advertising in thematic communities.
Do I also need to order website promotion in Google search results? After all, this process is not momentary, but long-term, designed for the future. If your company, goods, services will be presented on the market permanently (that is, this is not a temporary promotion) – yes, you need to order website promotion.

Order immediately a set of turnkey services for the creation and promotion of the site, while the studio specialists will be able to do search engine optimization of the site + get a discount for it.
For example, in our studio dime-studio.com

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