Which site to order? Choose the type of site together

The purpose of creating a site: to earn, share information, offer services, sell goods …. What is your goal of creating a website? Based on the purpose, select the type of site for the order:

Landing page

Landing page or one page site to capture leads. Such a site is created in order to focus the visitor’s attention on the benefits and encourage him to take action (call, leave a request, order, etc.). Great for selling goods and providing services.

Business card site

This is the best solution for those who want to express themselves and their capabilities. The site itself consists of 10 – 20 web pages with information about the company, terms of cooperation and much more that can describe the project!


The main difference is that the store has an optimized business process, while the catalog does not. If buyers need mandatory advice when buying, then the best solution is to create a catalog. The online store transfers the order formation process to the buyer.

Corporate website

A more advanced version of a business card site.

Online store

This is the future of world trade. Compared to conventional stores, it has many advantages:
access from anywhere in the world
time saving
ease of use
more profit from sales
less cost.

Individual project

If none of the above options suits you, you have the opportunity to order a site for an individual project.
The specialists of our web studio will be happy to bring to life all your ideas of any complexity!

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